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5 signs of the zodiac that do not know how to love. Far not all people can love as they say in books. People show feelings in different ways, but they are completely alien to someone. There are only five such zodiac signs astrologers.

Love compatibility does not play any role in how you express your feelings. You can fit together perfectly, but a person may disappoint you with his inability to show love. Of course, not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance. People who are given hard and bright emotions can still give you happiness.

5 Zodiac signs that do not know how to love


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Gemini can be romantics, they can say “I love you.” Their inability to love in unpleasant acts based on selfishness is manifested. They often lie, are one of the most frequently changing signs of the zodiac. If they find the same person with whom they want to connect their lives, they are doing everything so that the relations in the beginning are stormy and bright, but this impulse of Gemini can quickly subside or completely quench.

Twins are dynamic people, so they rarely want children, a wedding, a daily routine, or a routine. If you provide them with bright emotions for a long time, they will never get tired of you. Unfortunately, in such a relationship, you will almost always have to work for two, because the Twins love only to receive, but not to give in any way. You will have to get used to the fact that all your attempts to make them pleasant are taken for granted. Twins are afraid of responsibility, so they are constantly looking for excuses to shirk their household chores.


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Capricorns are workaholics, who often simply do not have enough time for love. If they still manage to find their soul mate, then the manifestation of love from them is not particularly worth waiting for. These people can be petty and simply forget that they are loved. They are immersed in personal affairs, forgetting about loved ones. Capricorns are boring and also rather amorphous, so in relations with them you will have to kindle the fire of passion on your own.

Even if Capricorns themselves fall in love with someone, they often take care of very mediocre and uninteresting. Any manifestation of love from the second half of Capricorns is taken for granted. If you are already married, then the question “Why do you not pay attention to me?” Capricorns can answer: “We are married, are we not?”. These are stubborn people with whom it is better not to argue, because it will be simply unrealistic to win the argument. In addition, you will receive the lion’s dose of negativity from these energy vampires .


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Aquarians love to be free and to feel independent in a relationship. They need an easy love without special obligations. These people will always help the second half, always support the person, but they will not tolerate a bad attitude towards themselves.

They know how to love, but only at the very beginning. After the candy period ends, Aquarius turns into boring people. It seems that you have been married for 10 years, you have a whole bunch of children and mortgage debts and loans.

Aquarians value people, but quickly become cold. If everything is settled down for you, then they are bored without bright emotions. Over time, a loved one for them is terminated into something taken for granted. They can not leave a soul mate just because they are bored, because they will feel sorry for you. In short, falling in love with Aquarius is more expensive. You can buy into their charisma, charm and wit, but it will blow off like a wind in a few months, maximum, in a year.


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Scorpions are cruel, but only until they can understand you completely. They need to know a person before they open up to him. Even in marriage, they may, for no particular reason, become detached for a while. Only they can understand them, and even then not always. Scorpios are capable of expressing feelings, however, their unpredictability spoils the whole impression of a relationship with them. To love Scorpios, a person needs patience.

Scorpion attacks can go on forever – even when you have a family and children. In a word, these people are far from being a gift, so they probably won’t be able to love you normally. Representatives of this Water Sign of the Zodiac in most cases also fall in love slowly, so they may change their minds to respond to you in return.


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Cancers do not fall in love – they find the person who is best suited for creating a family. These people are quite romantic and interesting, but only at the very beginning of the relationship.

After some time, and, moreover, after the marriage, they are removed from you, but only as much as common sense allows. You will not get bright feelings and emotions, but your life will not become too boring. Cancers can take care of people, but they can’t really love them much.

These people are calm and warm, but, as they say, there are problems with an excess of sweet. Sometimes you want to chat with friends, break and go to another city for the weekend. Cancers somehow resemble Capricorns, because they also want everything to be not spontaneous, but according to the schedule. Even in the intimate life of Rakov everything is on schedule. Passion and emotions from them will not wait.

Each sign of the zodiac has its dark side . As for love, in this area these aspects of character are most dangerous. Many people want ease and mutual understanding, but not everyone can give it. Love is a game that is played together, and strictly by the rules. 

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