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Mama’s boy: the weakest men according to the sign of the Zodiac. Each sign of the Zodiac has both strengths and weaknesses. However, if we talk about the male part of the population of the planet, then some signs of the zodiac are distinguished by more weaknesses than others . Honestly, it is very sad, because we want to see steel and support in a man. These handsome women will have to look for a “tough nut”.

There are women moms who have a predisposition to look for and find “little boys” instead of a strong man’s shoulder, behind which you can hide from any troubles of life. These men can be quite good friends, excellent interlocutors, even temperamental lovers, but no earner and protectors.

Astrologers note that there are 4 zodiac signs, born under which men can often not meet the expectations of women. But remember, everything is individual and you should not rely on the horoscope in everything, because there are many reasons in the world that influence the character and characteristics of each person. So!


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The main problem you will encounter when communicating with Taurus is their inability to deny yourself. Very often, even the most reasonable representatives of this sign cannot resist the temptations in the form of their favorite food, clothing and equipment. And even if your financial situation is too precarious and unstable, this will not prevent many Taurus men from going to dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant or buying a brand new suit that appeared on the window of a branded store.

Such a man is an absolute consumer, he will be very grateful to you for the fact that you are ready to deny yourself something, seeing the real financial situation. But their logic is this: once you save, it means that vital resources are available, which means that you can afford something special and precious for a beloved dinner.

Mama's boy: the weakest men by zodiac sign1

Worst of all, almost all Taurus men are very greedy. They never recognize it, but there are things like theorems that do not need arguments. Just from time to time, you will begin to notice that before the holidays, on which it is accepted to give something, your betrothed will disappear somewhere without a trace. But if you received a gift, you cannot get away with simple gratitude. Taurus will remind you for a long time what he went for you.


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Male Pisces is one of the biggest disappointments that can happen to absolutely any woman. Brutal in appearance, but absolutely not adapted to important decisions. When at first you have to make important decisions for it, you won’t even think about the fact that these are still flowers.

Such partners do not differ special endurance. Some representatives of this sign are even said to be “neither fish nor fowl”. Perhaps among the sign of Pisces most of all you can find weak men.

Born in early spring, Pisces men are very painful. Their immunity is always a bit weakened against the background of other men, which is the worst of all – they like it. Why not? They got used to that from early childhood a loving mom ran after them, wiping her cold nose, and now you have appeared – beauty! Weak men Pisces use this, sometimes purposely pretending that they are very ill. Although, by and large, their pain threshold is much higher than that of all other signs.


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Agree, men born under the sign of Virgo, you can not look unequivocally. All because the maiden is a very, very feminine sign . So it is by and large. Although many Virgo men are not at all distinguished by their femininity and weak character, they also cannot be attributed to exceptionally strong signs of the zodiac.

Mama's boy: the weakest men by the sign of the Zodiac 2

They are too nervous, grumbling and inconsiderate. Male Virgos are often looking for something to complain about and criticize, which does not make them attractive and strong in the eyes of the opposite sex. They consider themselves idealists, although, in fact, whiners and melancholic.

Do not expect courage and adventurism from them, spontaneous actions are not peculiar to them. They will torment themselves for a long time, thinking whether to be or not to be … They are too careful and prudent, and any uncertainty scares them or brings discomfort. Such men are afraid to take risks, avoid any experiments and do not like to improvise in their lives. Although, if you look at it from the other side of the coin, you can see its advantages.


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Male Scales are mostly nutty whiners, insecure jealous men and rancorous bigots. It is not that you are lucky if you choose such a man as your companion. He will bring out your whole brain and soul. Men of this sign are often weak representatives of the stronger sex.

They have women’s hobbies, love, like the ladies, to admire themselves and go shopping, and also do not like to take responsibility. They can be gentle and romantic, but often experience serious discomfort when making important decisions. It does not give them enough strength, and these qualities do not speak of masculinity at all.

What exactly you do not forgive men Libra, so this success and importance. Any of your victory can engender in them millions of complexes and hidden offenses, from which they will begin to avenge. At best, the man will begin to act in order to be level and fit. But at worst – eat your nerves, for a long time instilled in you hatred for the male sex.

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