This will happen to you in the first half of 2020 according to your zodiac sign.


Have you had someone in your life for a long time who harms you rather than makes you happy? Then it is time to move away from this person. Let this man go, because you do not need him!

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In addition, you will expect a big change in the home. This can be, for example, a move or a house construction. Maybe this is your new beginning, which you have been using for a long time!


If you have had financial problems in the second half of last year, then these will now be lost. You can now look forward to a blessing. Do not start your salary negotiations until the month of April.

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Besides, now comes a good time to invest in something bigger. But choose carefully, because it should be something useful, which brings you something for the future.


This will be a turbulent first half of the year for you dear twin. You will experience ups and downs in many areas of your life. In terms of love you will have to overcome a major obstacle and also in your job will change something.

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For example, you may need to be promoted or change your job. In the end everything will be fine and you will master all crises successfully – rely on your strengths!


Do not always do everything on your own in your job. Do it a bit more relaxed and give the responsibility to others. Also, spend more time on your love affairs instead of focusing solely on work.

For in 2020 there is still a surprise waiting for you. A person will enter your life that will make you very happy. 


Your finances will change in the first half of the year 2020 for the better. So you can breathe easy. However, the first half of 2020 also brings with it something negative. Some people close to you will leave you.

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That will be a hard blow for you. But you can still relax, because they will come back to you soon.


In the first half of the year 2020 you will meet some new people who will probably stay in your life for a very long time. However, you should still maintain your old contacts, otherwise you run the risk that you lose them forever.

Pay attention to your family members. You could disappoint them with your withdrawal. Especially in the month of March, you should pay more attention to your mental health and do not let yourself be over-stressed.


Now is the time to get creative. Do you like painting, writing or singing? Then maybe you should make one of these things your new hobby. Any creative thing that you really enjoy should now become part of your life.

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But you should still keep the balance. You should not neglect your work, because that could cost you your job.


If you have not been forgiven yet, then in the first half of the year, Mr. Right will enter your life. It will not be very rosy in your job. It will be exhausting and annoying.

However, if you approach it with a lot of energy then you will be able to master the obstacles. All the work will pay off afterwards, I promise you!

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Something new will come into your life. This will be, for example, a move or a renovation. However, this may also apply to your circle of friends. Maybe you broke up with people in a fight.

Then it could be that they will come into your life again. For now is the time to let go of old, to forgive and to create a new happiness.

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Do you know very well about technology? Then you should not hesitate now. Make your passion your profession. Maybe you could work in Computer Science or Social Meida.

However, try to hold back on investments. Because here you are most likely to make wrong decisions. Especially towards the end of the first half of the year, you should protect your finances. 


This will be another spectacular year for you. When it comes to career, something big is waiting for you. You just have to seize the opportunities and easily access them. A small note: clarify important matters in your job.

Salary increases or job changes should be discussed well. Then nothing stands in the way of your success!


In the first half of 2020, there will be a big change in your private life for you. This could be, for example, a new generation or a new partner. It will definitely be something big! Also, your dreams will finally come true if you want to allow it.

Maybe you have long planned to change your job or to become self-employed. Maybe you always wanted to write a book or do something creative. Now you definitely get the chance to put your personal project into action.

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